Dear dog lovers,,

since the need of a certain other, I have been marketing my special supplementary feed for dogs: the CME mushrooms. Initially partially smiled at, these products have proven themselves in practice. A look at the dog food customary in relationship stores freezes common sense. These dog foods contain up to 80% grain and, strictly speaking, have nothing to do with the dog's species-appropriate development. Domestication has not seen the dog's genetically programmed metabolic and developmental processes. Seen in this way, the dog is naturally still a carnivore and not a grain eater. It is also no wonder that permanent, incorrect wrong feeding can lead to health problems.

This is exactly where the CME mushrooms come in: They have secondary nutrients and are rich in biovital substances. These can have a positive impact on the immune system and metabolism. The self-healing powers can function and become equilibriums.

Your dog is too, he was eating. A wrong attitude with vital relationships vitamins, minerals, trace elements and biovital substances are often not looked after through the perceived diet. The CME mushrooms are an important source, your dog trades in these other substances too caused. Standstill is lagging behind.